Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Elliot and the Pixie Plot

Elliot and the Pixie Plot (Underworld Chronicles #2)

Goodreads Bit:   Between trying to steal a hair for the Pixie Princess and a sock for the Fairies from a demon, Elliot discovers being King of the Brownies is no easy job, in this follow-up to "Elliot and the Goblin Wars."

My Thoughts:

-    The chapter names are fun.

-    The story happens a few weeks after the first one ends.

-    The "no pixies were hurt in the making of this book" bit at the front made me laugh.

-    The wit and banter is really funny.

-    All the stuff I liked in the first book are in this one.  (Examples:  Author talking to the reader, Illustrations, and Humor)

-    I like that Elliot missed his family while he was away.  His family is far from perfect, but it is his, and he missed them.  

-    Fun characters and fun story.

-    This is another great read for younger audiences!

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