Friday, May 11, 2012

The Musketeer

My Thoughts:

-    The opening credit part was bad.  It looks really fuzzy and terrible.

-    Why do the French musketeers have English accents?

-    The acting is terrible!!  The dialogue didn't help either.  It was pretty bad.

-    I don't like that the musketeers were portrayed as drunks and slobs.

-    The scenery, costumes, and props were the best part about the movie.  The cardinal had some major candlesticks!

-    Some of the stunts were really cool, but SO out of place.  I kept wondering if this was a musketeer movie or a Jackie Chan movie.  

-    One of the songs is a Superman ripoff!  It plays during the end of the movie and during the end credits.  It is the Superman Theme!!

-    The final battle rain...was LAME!!  The rain kept getting turned on and off, and in some parts, it looked really bad.  

-    The overall movie was pretty cheesy, and not the good kind of cheese.

-    The Disney live action version is much MUCH better.  I recommend watching that instead of this.  

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