Monday, May 14, 2018

All's Faire in Middle School

33517044Goodreads Synopsis:    The author of Roller Girl is back with a graphic novel about starting middle school, surviving your embarrassing family, and the Renaissance Faire.

Eleven-year-old Imogene (Impy) has grown up with two parents working at the Renaissance Faire, and she's eager to begin her own training as a squire. First, though, she'll need to prove her bravery. Luckily Impy has just the quest in mind--she'll go to public school after a life of being homeschooled! But it's not easy to act like a noble knight-in-training in middle school. Impy falls in with a group of girls who seem really nice (until they don't) and starts to be embarrassed of her thrift shop apparel, her family's unusual lifestyle, and their small, messy apartment. Impy has always thought of herself as a heroic knight, but when she does something really mean in order to fit in, she begins to wonder whether she might be more of a dragon after all.

My Thoughts:

-    This was such a great book! This is a must read for Telgemeier fans and Roller Girl fans.

-    I loved how much I related to Imogene. I've never been a part of a Renaissance Faire, but I've lived through middle school, and it is an awkward time of life. 

-    I loved Impy's struggles and character development. She makes not-so-good choices, and has to fix them and recover from the consequences. 

-    I really enjoyed all the side characters as well, especially the Faire people. 

-    I think this book has something for everyone. I loved it!

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