Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Farewell To Charms

A Farewell to Charms (Princess for Hire, #3)From Goodreads:    Desi Bascomb is a princess substitute prodigy--she's the fastest employee ever to advance to level three in the Facade Agency, and the youngest to ever be a full-time sub. But now with all eyes on Desi, the only thing she wants is a moment alone to talk to Reed, who's a Facade legacy and secretly a sub for princes As Desi trains for her new role, she spies more than a few cracks in Facade's perfect appearance. But uncovering the agency's dark past might require more than a princess sub can handle by herself. Desi is no damsel in distress, but sometimes a girl needs a knight in shining armor.

My Thoughts:

-    I don't really like how young Desi is.  I wish she was just a little bit older, like 16-17 instead of 13.  I think the story would be more suited for an older teen.  She has a lot of responsibility, and a girl's relationship at 13 doesn't last.  I'd like to think that Reed and Desi have a long lasting relationship.

-    I liked this one better than the second book, but not as much as the first.  It was still funny and charming, but I'm not huge into the Jr. High drama stuff. 

-    I liked how everything was resolved.  Desi and Meredith got really lucky, and I'm glad Genevieve wasn't a total snob like Lilith.  I like how Reed played a larger role, and we got to know more about him.  Everything about Kylee is awesome!!

-    I really love the characters in this series.  The story is good, but what really captivates me is the characters and their friendship.  I especially love Desi.  She is an amazing young woman.  I would like to be her friend. 

-    Overall, this was a really nice ending to fun trilogy.  I wish there was more.  I'd like to see how everyone settles into things.  

I got to meet Lindsey Leavitt at the Provo Library last night.  Sadly, I forgot my camera! 

My Thoughts on the Event: 

-    Lindsey is a really funny person.  She has a wonderful sense of humor.

-    I LOVE that these books were inspired by Roman Holiday!!  I love that movie!!

-    I got 4 books signed!!!  HOORAY!!

-    It is hilarious that Lindsey's only request for the cover of her first book was that it can't be pink.  I completely agree.  I usually am turned off by pink covered books, but luckily the synopsis got me to pick it up.

-    I love that she laminated her rejection letters.  

-    Lindsey brought a few of her "first published works" from when she was in grade school, and they were hilarious!  I loved the one she read to us about the monsters at the window.  

-    It was a really fun event, and my daughter loved the little grab bag I brought home for her. 

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