Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Fault in Our Stars

My Thoughts:

-    I really enjoyed this movie! I don't say this lightly either. I'm not a chick flick person, but this was good. It was a great adaptation of the book, and it was really accurate. 

-    I actually enjoyed the movie more than the book! I felt a lot more emotions while watching the movie. The book didn't make me cry but the movie did. I laughed a lot more too.

-    Ansel Elgort made this movie! His portrayal of Gus was SO good! He had so many great moments.

-    I really liked Isaac. He was like a reincarnated Ducky from Pretty in Pink! It was awesome!

-    I don't know what it is about this Woodley chick. I like her, but she isn't amazing. I felt the same way about her being Tris in Divergent.

-    I think the casting timing was not good. Ansel and Shailene play siblings then lovers then siblings again. It's weird.

-    This was a very heartfelt and cute movie. I recommend getting to a theater and purchasing a ticket for this. 


  1. Good review. I agree with you about Ansel Elgort and the casting timing. I don't think Shailene is amazing either. I think she's good, though, but yeah, I don't think she's amazing. And, I felt more emotion with the movie too.

  2. I liked it. I think they did a great job with this one.