Sunday, June 1, 2014

Two Towers Kick Off

We are starting The Two Towers today! 
Welcome to those of you who are joining us! You can sign up here
Welcome back to the rest of you! I hope you'll stick with us!

This is the edition I'll be reading!
I'm so in love with my Lord of the Rings box set!
I love Alan Lee's illustrations!

Page Break Down:
Book 3:    13.5 pages a day
Book 4:    10.5 pages a day

Not bad at all!

I'll be doing a discussion post on Book 3 on June 15
Jenni will be doing a discussion post on Book 4 on June 30

Please use #LotRreadalong on twitter for quotes and thoughts while reading!

Good luck everyone!
Let the reading begin!!

Don't forget about our Fellowship of the Ring movie night!!

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