Monday, December 11, 2017

A Christmas Kiss

My Thoughts:

-    I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I kinda liked it.

-    Hubby watched this one with me, and he didn't fall asleep once (which is a big deal, he falls asleep during everything). He said he enjoyed it.

-    I love that the movie revolved around Christmas time, The Nutcracker, and a first edition copy of A Christmas Carol. 

-    I liked Wendy a lot. She was really pretty and very charming. 

-    I loved Wendy's friends. Tressa had the best lines! Every time she spoke, I laughed. 

-    I wasn't too jazzed about Adam. He was nice and everything, but his face bugged me. He wore WAY too much makeup. I don't like how they accentuated his features, it made his mouth move weird. 

-    Miss Hall was a piece of work! Wow! She is one of those ladies that shouldn't be around people. 

-    The story was cute. It held my attention the entire time, and I didn't feel bored. 


  1. This one looks cute! Is it on Netflix? I want to check it out.

    1. Yes, all these shows are on Netflix.

  2. Wow! You really are into these, aren't you? I'm glad you enjoyed this one.

  3. The first one is pretty cute, but yes I didn't really like the second one either!