Monday, March 24, 2014


7075298My Synopsis:

-    A modern day twist on a few classic fairy tales.

-    Our main hero, Johnny, is an average teen that works for the family business, which happens to be shoe repair.

-    Johnny is mesmerized by the Princess of Aloria. Lucky for him, the princess has taken an interest in him as well.

-    The princess asks Johnny to go on a quest to save her brother, who has been turned into a frog.

-    Johnny doesn't believe in magic, witches, or any of that fairy tale stuff, but he quickly figures out that all of it is real, and he accepts the princess's request.

-    During his adventure, Johnny must fight giants, dodge an evil witch, find some swans' sister, talk to some animals, and slew of other things. 

My Thoughts:

-    This was a really fun book. I love the modern fairy tale stuff.

-    Johnny is a likable fellow, but he is pretty dense at times.

-    I'm glad Meg went along for the ride. Johnny needed her, and I like everything her character had to contribute to the story.

-    I loved all the fairy tales! There was The Elves and the Shoemaker, The Six Swans, The Firebird, The Frog Prince, and couple others. They way all the fairy tales fit together was very clever.

-    I forgot that Johnny and Meg were teenagers. They seem more like adults, especially when they were both working full time. They didn't talk about school much or anything. They seemed more in their 20s than 17.

-    I liked the way everything wrapped up. The ending flew by. I couldn't believe how much I had read in a short time. In fact, the whole book was so fun and flowed. It didn't take me long to read. 

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