Friday, January 31, 2014

Fan Art Friday


Benny Imura Series

It is a zombie series by Jonathan Maberry! It is really good! You should Read it!

The rest of these are art work from the zombie cards in the book.

Awesome right!?
The 2nd one is my favorite. I love the scene.

Which is your favorite?

I created a Fan Art Friday tab, if you'd like to see the previous art.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Food Flags

I thought this was really cool.
At a food festival in Sydney, they created national flags out of the country's traditional food.

Italy:  Basil, Pasta, & Tomatoes

India:  Curry Chicken, Rice, Cheera Thoran, & Papadum Wafer

Brazil:  Banana Leaf, Limes, Pineapple, & Passion Fruit

China:  Dragon Fruit & Star Fruit

United States:  Hot dogs, Ketchup, & Mustard

Greece:  Olives & Feta Cheese

Japan:  Tuna & Rice

Lebanon:  Tomatoes, Pita Bread, & Parsley

Vietnam:  Rambutan, Lychee, and Starfruit

Australia:  Meat Pie & Sauce

South Korea:  Kimbap & Sauces

France:  Blue Cheese, Brie Cheese, & Grapes

United Kingdom:  Scone, Cream, & Jams

Turkey:  Turkish Delight

Spain:  Chorizo & Rice

Indonesia:  Spicy Curries, & Rice

Thailand:  Sweet Chilli Sauce, Shredded Coconut, & Blue Swimmer Crab

Switzerland:  Charcuteries & Swiss cheese

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

One Dead Spy

13591161From Goodreads:    Nathan Hale, the author’s historical namesake, was America’s first spy, a Revolutionary War hero who famously said “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country” before being hanged by the British. In the Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales series, author Nathan Hale channels his namesake to present history’s roughest, toughest, and craziest stories in the graphic novel format.

One Dead Spy tackles the story of Hale himself, who was an officer and spy for the American rebels during the Revolutionary War. Author Hale highlights the unusual, gruesome, and just plain unbelievable truth of historical Nathan Hale—from his early unlucky days at Yale to his later unlucky days as an officer—and America during the Revolutionary War.

My Thoughts:

-    Wonderfully humorous and educational! Great for all ages! I would love to see history teachers use these Hazardous Tales in some of their lessons.

-    The hangman is my favorite. I love how he is always thinking of a sandwich. 

-    I thought the whole story was very clever. Nathan Hale telling his story to the hangman and a redcoat is really fun, and it keeps things lighthearted.

-    I loved how accurate the book was. It covered a lot of the Revolutionary War in very easy to understand segments. Of course the author took some liberties with things, but the overall story is correct.

-    I love that the author is Nathan Hale, and the story is about Nathan Hale!

-    The illustrations were wonderful. I loved the use of red highlights and black and white. I loved the facial expressions of the characters. 

-    Each frame was really fun, and I really liked the layouts for some pages. 

-    The little bits at the end were funny and fun. 

-    Great book!! I highly recommend it!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Worlds I'd Never Want to Live in

7137327 10193062 10596724
I would hate to live in fear all the time. It would be cool to learn how to fight like Deuce, but I would not want to fight mutants all the time.

9275658 13414446 14290364
I'd probably be sick and poor, so no thank you!

It is really sad that people did live in this world. 
I would hate to be a prisoner in my own home and country.

7157310 9917998 13147460 13424356
Zombie and crazy people? Heck NO!

President Snow...nuff said!

The whole pretty operation is just weird, dumb, and horrible.

375802 502601
Buggers, crazy politics, kids grown in a petri dish, monitors, and all the other crap! Heck no!

Super violent and scary! To be honest, I'm not even sure what this world really looks like past the chaos and the maze.

I would like to keep my ability to love.

Sadly, this is also real, but I would HATE to live in a polygamist colony.