Friday, January 19, 2018

Rebel Dawn

111019Goodreads Synopsis:    Here is the explosive conclusion of the blockbuster trilogy that chronicles the never-before-told story of the young Han Solo.

Set before the Star Wars movie adventures (the second trilogy), these books chronicle the coming-of-age of the galaxy's most famous con man, smuggler, and thief.

The Millennium Falcon is "the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy."  So when Han Solo wins it in a game of sabacc, he and Chewbacca become kings of the smugglers—uncatchable, unstoppable.  But with the Empire clamping down, Han knows his luck can't last.  Still, when an old girlfriend who is now the leader of an insurgent Rebel group offers him a shot at an incredible fortune, Han can't resist. The plan seems a sure thing. The resistance will be light and the take enormous. Han and his friends will divide it equally with the Rebels.  

Too bad for Han that the planet of Ylesia is far from a pushover, that the Rebels have an agenda of their own, and that smuggler friends can often turn into enemies...quicker than lightspeed.

My Thoughts:

-    I loved so much about this book! I loved seeing Han's story right up to the point where he meets Luke and Obi-Wan for the first time in Mos Eisley. 

-    However, I do have a couple concerns. I feel like there wasn't enough time between Han's relationship with Bria and him meeting Leia for him to properly get over what happened. I also don't think he would jump right in to help the rebellion again after what happened with Bria. I just wish there had been a little more time lapse in between. 

-    I LOVED the Hutt's insider war with each other and how everything went down. It was so awesome!

-    I loved Han's multiple Kessel runs, and I loved learning why Jabba was upset with Han. 

-    I was sad with how things ended with Lando, but I'm glad that I know they become friends again. 

-    This series does such a great job setting up Han's story for A New Hope. I think the author did this legendary character justice. Not a lot of people could pull off a great Han Solo history, but Crispin did, and I applaud her. I hope the Han Solo movie is just as good.

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The Lost Stories

11309018Goodreads Says:    Unconfirmed accounts of a group of Araluen warriors - tales of adventure, battle, and triumph over evil - have spread for centuries throughout the known world. Most notable is a clan shrouded in mystery, phantom warriors known as the Rangers. 

Two names pass the lips of every storyteller: Halt, and his apprentice, Will. They and their comrades in arms are said to have traveled throughout the kingdom and beyond its borders, protecting those who needed it most. If true, these rumors can be only part of the story. 

Only now, centuries after these men and women walked the earth, do we have confirmation of their existence. Behold The Lost Stories, Book 11 in the Ranger's Apprentice epic.

My Thoughts:

-    They way this book is setup is very interesting. An archaeologist and his apprentice find the remains of a log cabin, and they happen to dig up an old chest with stories about Halt, Will, and the others.

-    I really enjoyed this compilation of short stories. It was fun to get a little more about the characters that have become so dear to me.

-    Most of the stories are happy and have some sort of celebration, but there was some heartbreak as well. 

-    I love that some of these stories are answers to questions that readers had. Flanagan is very generous to his readers. 

-    The first time I read this, I completely missed the little part that introduces us to the Brotherband Chronicles. I thought it was a clever little piece, and I definitely noticed this time.

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Hutt Gambit

598938Goodreads Synopsis:    Here is the second novel in the blockbuster new trilogy that reveals the never-before-told story of the young Han Solo. Set before the Star Wars movie adventures, these books chronicle the coming-of-age of the galaxy's most famous con man, smuggler and thief.

Solo is now a fugitive from the Imperial Navy. But he has made a valuable friend in a former Wookiee slave named Chewbacca, who has sworn Han a life debt. Han will need all the help he can get. For the Ylesian Hutts have dispatched the dreaded bounty hunter Boba Fett to track down the man who already outsmarted them once. But Han and Chewie find themselves in even bigger trouble when they agree to lend their services to the crime lords Jiliac and Jabba the Hutt. Suddenly the two smugglers are thrust into the middle of a battle between the might of the Empire and the treachery of their outlaw allies...a battle where even victory means death!

My Thoughts:

-    There was a lot of diplomacy and politics with the Hutts in this one. The stuff usual bores me, but this time it was very intriguing. I loved Han's role in everything.

-    I LOVED the introduction to characters we all know and love. Han learning to accept Chewy as a partner was great to see. It was SO epic when Boba Fett hunted down Han Solo. Landa and the Falcon were very exciting to see. I can't wait to read about how Han gambles the Falcon away from Lando.

-    I wish Bria's story had been explored a little more, but I'm sure she'll play a larger role later. 

-    I loved the first book better, but this one was epic in it's own way. I can't put these books down! They are SO good! I wish these were still canon.

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Wires and Nerve

29772863Goodreads Synopsis:    When rogue packs of wolf-hybrid soldiers threaten the tenuous peace alliance between Earth and Luna, Iko takes it upon herself to hunt down the soldiers' leader. She is soon working with a handsome royal guard who forces her to question everything she knows about love, loyalty, and her own humanity. With appearances by Cinder and the rest of the Rampion crew, this is a must-have for fans of the series.

My Thoughts: 

-    It is always exciting when a beloved series is brought back to life, and I love that The Lunar Chronicles is making a come back in graphic novels!

-    I have always loved Iko. Her snarky optimistic personality captured me from the beginning. I'm SO happy that she gets her own series to star in. 

-    The illustrations were great! I loved all the expressions and action. The way I pictured these characters in my head is pretty close to how they are depicted in this book. 

-    I love the way Iko gives back story and explains things. Her view of the world and her friends is so innocent and funny. 

-    I can't for the next book!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Paradise Snare

617086From Goodreads:    Here is the first book in the blockbuster trilogy that chronicles the never-before-told story of the young Han Solo. Set before the Star Wars movie adventures, these books chronicle the coming-of-age of the galaxy's most famous con man, smuggler, and thief.

The first book in this exciting Han Solo series begins with a recounting of Han's late teen years and shows us how he escaped an unhappy adopted home situation to carve out an adventurous new life for himself as a pilot. Han Solo, the handsome rogue, is every girl's dream man, and every boy's hero. 

My Thoughts:

-    I LOVED this book! The characters and story are awesome! I wish I had read this ages ago.

-    I really enjoyed reading about Han's younger years. I loved his relationship with Dewlanna, it explains why he has a soft spot for Wookies and can understand them.

-    I liked Bria a lot. It was great to see her grow and become and important character. 

-    Muuurgh was awesome! His species makes an appearance in the comics, and I thought it was a new thing, but apparently not. I loved Muuurgh's loyalty, strength, and friendship.

-    The ending is very bitter sweet. I know Bria and Han can't be together, but I am still cheering for them anyway. 

-    Han's terms of endearment for Bria get tiresome. He uses them way too often.

-    I loved seeing Han's home planet, and I liked getting to know the people and everything.

-    I'm very excited for the rest of this series!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Bout of Books Wrap Up

Bout of Books


Books Read:    5
29772863 598938 12267664
11309018 111019

Pages Read:    1,741

I was able to read all the books I wanted plus one. I am really stoked about this! This is the first time I've met my Bout of Books goal!

Bout of Books 21 was pretty fun. I did a few challenges. I couldn't do a couple of them because my books are in storage while we finish our basement. Grrr! I didn't participate in a twitter chat, but I want to next time.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Emperor of Nihon-Ja

8404519Goodreads Synopsis:    Months have passed since Horace departed for the eastern nation of Nihon-Ja on a vital mission. Having received no communication from him, his friends fear the worst. Unwilling to wait a second longer, Alyss, Evanlyn, and Will leave their homeland behind and venture into an exotic land in search of their missing friend.

When they finally catch up with him, they find Horace entangled in a military coup. Determined to protect the imperial throne, Will and his band of Araluens must piece together and train a force in order to fend off the master Senji warriors intent on overthrowing the emperor.

Suspense and pulse-pounding action abound in this final adventure in the worldwide phenomenon that is Ranger's Apprentice.

My Thoughts:

-    My first review:

I really enjoyed this last book of the Ranger's Apprentice series.  I loved the culture and humanity that Flanagan puts in his stories.

I thoroughly enjoyed the accurate and awesome Japanese culture.  Will, Horace, and Halt have been all over the place and have seen many cultures, but this one is my favorite.  

I loved how this book focused more on Horace.  His character and morals really showed through, and I think he deserved the recognition.  I wish the ending had gone on a bit longer, but it ended very nicely.  I just know that the gang had many more adventures, and I'm sad that I won't be able to read more.

-    I only have a couple things to add. Friendship has been a prominent theme throughout the series, and I have loved each moment. I really liked how Evanlyn and Alyss were thrown together on their own adventure, and I love that they were able to talk through their angst and become close friends. 

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Ivy and Bean and the Ghost That Had to Go

1284021From Goodreads:    Now that Ivy and Bean are friends, they do gymnastics club together, sit together in Ms. Aruba-Tate's second grade, and tell each other their darkest secrets. And when Ivy discovers a ghost in the school bathroom, it will take both girls' courage and imagination to make it go away. Another entertaining installment in this series about two mischievous, funny, clever girls.

My Thoughts:

-    Yes, we read another one of these. Gnome really liked it. She said she liked everything about this book.

-    It was fun to read about girls in the same grade as Gnome. The characters are cute.

-    I liked this one better than the first one, not by much, but I thought this one had a better story.

-    The whole ghost thing reminded me of making up things with my friends. We used our imaginations and created fun places and situations too. 

-    Overall, these are pretty cute and quick reads for kids. 

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Bout of Books Progress

Bout of Books

Day 1
January 8

Books Read:    1
Pages Read:    439
Total Books Read:    1
Total Pages Read:    439
My Thoughts:    Woo! Despite all the craziness yesterday, I was able to read a lot. It was a great way to start my week!

Day 2
January 9

Books Read:    1
Pages Read:    234
Total Books Read:    2
Total Pages Read:    673
My Thoughts:    I had another great reading day! I think it's the rain. It makes me want to curl up with a blanket and a book.

Day 3
January 10

Books Read:    1
Pages Read:    409
Total Books Read:    3
Total Pages Read:    1,082
My Thoughts:    I am on a great reading streak, and I hope I can keep it up. I'm really excited that I've read over 1,000 pages! 

Day 4
January 11

Books Read:    1
Pages Read:    271
Total Books Read:    4
Total Pages Read:    1,353

My Thoughts:    I wasn't sure if I was going to finish another book yesterday, but I stayed up a little longer than usual to finish it. This is turning out to be my best Bout of Books! 

Day 5
January 12

Books Read:    0
Pages Read:    223
Total Books Read:    4
Total Pages Read:    1,576

My Thoughts:    I didn't finish a book yesterday, but I still read a lot. 

Day 6
January 13

Books Read:    0
Pages Read:    39
Total Books Read:    4
Total Pages Read:    1,615

My Thoughts:    I wasn't able to read a lot yesterday. We had a family get together, friends over for dinner, and we worked on our basement. It was a busy day.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Bout of Books Goals

Bout of Books

It is Bout of Books week!

These are the books I'l like to read this week:
29772863 598938
11309018 12267664

Good luck everyone!