Monday, May 1, 2023

April Stats

Books Read:  9

Pages Read:  2,552

1 Star:  0
2 Stars:  0
3 Stars:  5
4 Stars:  4
5 Stars:  0

Favorite Book of the Month:
The Flamingo by Guojing

My reading has slowed down a lot, and so has my blogging. Ugh! I want to blog more, but I struggle to actually sit down and do it. Maybe I need to schedule time once a week or something. I enjoy the blogging community, so I don't want to give it up. I hope it is okay that I only post a couple times a month.

Goals Progress:

Goodreads Challenge:  I am 22 books ahead of schedule. That is 2 less than last month, but I'm still ahead, so it is all good. 63/125

Newbery Award Winners:  I read It's Like This, Cat. It was a fun and quick read. 5/12

Book Club:  We read The Girls I've Been for book club. I read the book, but I missed the meeting, but I heard everyone enjoyed it. 4/10

Pioneer Book Challenge:  Despite my motivation waning, I read 3 books that fulfilled prompts for this challenge. 16/40

POPSUGAR Challenge:  I only read 1 book that fulfilled a prompt. 21/40

Color Coded Reading Challenge: I read a book with a read cover, so I only need a brown cover. 8/9

Read it Again, Sam:  I didn't re-read any books. :( 6/12

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Happy reading!

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Top Ten Tuesday

Created by The Broke and The Bookish in June 2010 and moved to The Artsy Reader Girl in Jan 2018

Top Ten Eleven Titles with Animals in Them or Covers with Animals on Them

Fun prompt! I decided to go with covers with animals on them, and to help narrow down my list, I didn't count mythical creatures. I could probably do a whole list of covers with just dragons.

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Happy reading!

Saturday, April 1, 2023

March Stats

Books Read:  14

Pages Read:  4,175

1 Star:  0
2 Stars:  2
3 Stars:  4
4 Stars:  6
5 Stars:  2

Favorite Book of the Month:
Someone Else's Shoes by Jojo Moyes

I can't believe March is over already! What!? I had planned more books for March, but it is okay. I still read a lot. 

Goals Progress:

Goodreads Challenge:  I am 24 books ahead of schedule! That is four more than last month. Yes! 54/125

Newbery Award Winners:  I finished Bronze Bow and Wrinkle in Time. 4/12

Book Club:  I read my book club book. It was Silence of Bones. It was a re-read for me, and I still enjoyed it. 3/10

Pioneer Book Challenge:  I read 3 books that fulfilled prompts for this challenge. 13/40

POPSUGAR Challenge:  I read 6 books that fit prompts. I'm halfway there! 20/40

Color Coded Reading Challenge: I crossed off two more books. I just need a red cover and a brown cover. 7/9

Read it Again, Sam:  I re-read 2 books. 6/12

I hope you had a great reading month!
Good luck with your goals!
Happy reading!

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Top Ten Tuesday

Created by The Broke and The Bookish in June 2010 and moved to The Artsy Reader Girl in Jan 2018

Top Ten Books for People 
Who Liked Author X

I was stumped with this week's prompt for a while, but I finally thought of an author with comparable books. I'm going with the legendary Jane Austen!

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Monday, March 27, 2023

Someone Else's Shoes

Someone Else's Shoes

Author:  Jojo Moyes

Publisher:  Pamela Dorman Books

Date Published:  February 7, 2023

Genre:  Fiction, Contemporary

Rating:  ⭐

My Thoughts:

-  Nisha is a wealthy socialite from America. She and her husband are visiting England on business, and while Nisha is at the gym, her scum of a husband cuts off all her money and access to the hotel. He won't even speak to her, and she is left on the streets of England with no resources. She doesn't even have her own clothes because someone has taken her bag. 

Sam is struggling in multiple areas of her life. Her husband is depressed and can't move from the couch each day. He refuses to get help, and Sam is left taking care of him, their daughter, and their house. Her boss is a total jerk and constantly demeans her. When Sam accidently grabs the wrong bag from the gym she is visiting for the first time, she discovers some incredible clothes inside. The shoes give her a boost of confidence that she desperately needs. 

-  I really enjoyed this book. I loved the characters, and I didn't think I would like Nisha, but she really grows on me. Sam tugged at my heart, and I loved cheering for both of these women. 

-  The first half of the book progressively made me angrier. I wanted the people in Nisha and Sam's life to get their comeuppance, and I wanted it to be evil and awesome! The ending wasn't what I wanted or expected, but it was still satisfying. 

-  My favorite part of the book was women helping other women. I loved how Nisha found people to help her, and I loved Sam's friend. I loved how a group of women helped he each other out for the sake of sisterhood. 

-  I loved Nisha and Sam's character arc. I loved how Nisha had to come to grips with the reality of her life. It was a hard pill to swallow, and she goes through a lot of emotions. I also loved Sam's growth. She was always amazing, but she didn't realize it. She deserved so much more than what she was getting. 

-  I can't stop thinking about this book. It was so good! This was my second Jojo Moyes book, and I am excited to read more of her stuff. 

My Thoughts in a GIF:

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Book Club Picks

My book club has picked our books for the next year! How do we pick books? Everyone says what books they would like to read, Suey compiles all the suggestions into a list for us to vote on, and we all vote. Here are the winners:

For those of you counting, yes that is only eleven. In July, everyone is going to read a memoir of their choice. 

Yes, this is the order in which we are reading them. 

Our book club starts the new book list in June. 

What do you think of our picks?