Monday, January 23, 2017


25548427Goodreads Says:    From Toy Story to The Good Dinosaur, some of the most iconic and hilarious moments in Pixar's films were first conceived by the artists featured in this book. But there are hundreds of gags that don't make it past the cutting room floor, like Mater as a ninja and Sadness wearing mom jeans. Funny! explores this material in depth, showcasing classic moments from all of Pixar's films to date, plus never-before-published illustrations and doodles from the Pixar archives. With an introduction by veteran story man Jason Katz, this book is a must-have for any Pixar fan.

My Thoughts:

-    I'm a big Pixar fan, and I was really excited to get this from our Christmas book club party. 

-    I would love to sit in on a gag session at Pixar Studios. It would be SO much fun!

-    I liked reading and seeing how some of the jokes in the movies came to be. I love get back story on movies I love. 

-    The variety of illustrations were a lot of fun to look at. My favorite picture was Bud Luckey's picture of the jackolopes crossing the road. I'm a Bud Luckey fan, and the Boundin' is my favorite Pixar short. 

-    There were some explanations about the artwork, but I wish there had been more! I wanted to read more about these amazing movies.

-    Overall, this was a really fun book. I highly recommend it for Pixar fans.