Thursday, July 18, 2019

I'm Going to Hollywood!

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Jenni, Hava, and I have been talking about going on a girl's road trip for a while. We want to visit Prince Edward Island, but we thought that was a bit ambitious for our first trip together, so we are going to work up to that. We decided our first road trip should be closer to home, but still something we've all wanted to do and haven't. We are going to Universal Studios and Hollywood! Woo!

None of us have been to Universal Studios, and we want to see Hogwarts and drink butter beer. We are going to spend two days in the park and one day touring Hollywood. I'm really excited. I've never been to Hollywood. I want to see the walk of fame, and the place by the Chinese theater where I can put my hands in Audrey Hepburn's hand prints. We are going to hike to the Hollywood sign too! 

We've been talking about this trip for a few weeks, but we actually booked our hotel! It just got real! We are going! Yay! 

I have to say, I am really grateful to my friends. They have helped me so much during my time of mourning. It is still really hard, but my friends have made it a bit more bearable. I really value our time together. I love Jenni and Hava, and I would do just about anything for them. Thanks ladies! 


  1. Have so much fun!!! I'm jealous that you get to do the whole Hogwarts thing. I've always wanted to go to Universal studios for that experience alone. Enjoy! :D

  2. Sounds amazing! Have a WONDERFUL trip!