Friday, February 22, 2013

Fruits Basket: Volume 3

Fruits Basket, Vol. 3 (Fruits Basket, #3)From Goodreads:    It's Valentines Day and you know what that means -- lots of chocolates for the cutest boys at school! In this case, it's a pretty close tie between hot-headed Kyo Sohma and Yuki 'prince charming' Sohma. Of course the kind-hearted Tohru, guest of the Sohma family, has chocolates for everyone! But when White Day comes around, what will the Sohma family give back? How about a trip to the family hot springs?! Also, a new member of the Zodiac shows up at school to lay the 'MOO'ves on Kyo.

My Thoughts:

-    Hatori and Shigure are hard to tell apart at times.

-    Is Okami a zombie!?!?

-    Tohru has such a positive outlook on life.  I want to be like that.

-    What is up with Shigure's editor? She is a spaz!

-    Yuki is still a fem.

-    I like Haru. He is cool!

-    There are a lot of people in this manga, but it's handled very well.  I don't get confused or anything. It's just that some of them look the same.

Series Info:

This was the 3rd Volume in the Fruits Basket series. To see my thoughts on the previous volumes, click on the covers below.
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