Thursday, March 16, 2023

Book Club Picks

My book club has picked our books for the next year! How do we pick books? Everyone says what books they would like to read, Suey compiles all the suggestions into a list for us to vote on, and we all vote. Here are the winners:

For those of you counting, yes that is only eleven. In July, everyone is going to read a memoir of their choice. 

Yes, this is the order in which we are reading them. 

Our book club starts the new book list in June. 

What do you think of our picks?


  1. I think our picks are AWESOME!

  2. Ooh I remember seeing Wrong Place a few months ago. Looks good. I think I've read one of her books maybe. The Christmas one and Contrary Mary looks fun too!

  3. Wow, so many great books. I loved so many of these.

  4. I like your picks! Your book club should have a lot of fun with these this year. :D

  5. I have not read any of these. I hope you enjoy them all!