Saturday, August 22, 2015

Cover Mini Challenge

Welcome to the Cover Mini Challenge for Utah Book Month!!
If you participate you'll get another entry in the Grand Prize!
Are you excited!?

I will show you a snippet of a Utah Book, and you will have to guess the title and author.
Easy right?

Good luck everyone!


  1. I thought I knew then all but I guess not. Oh well I guessed on the ones I didn't know

  2. I didn't know 1 or 7 but oddly I knew the author lol. I might have gotten the title wrong for 3. Fun game!

  3. I guessed on a few of them, but I know at least half... must read more!!

  4. I'm pretty sure I got three, but that's it! (Though I do recognize a few of the others.)

  5. I did the four I knew off the top of my head! But this was hard :) Fun too.