Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Beauty and the Beast

My Thoughts:

-    I wasn't going to go see this in theaters, but I needed a night out, and I didn't know what else to see. It was the first time I've gone to a movie alone. It wasn't so bad. 

-    I have been really skeptical of this movie. I love the animated film so much, and I was scared of what they were going to do to it. I wasn't happy with what I was seeing and hearing in the trailers. 

-    The movie wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. There were a lot of good things going on. It was alright.

-    I really wish Emma Watson's singing had been dubbed. It was painfully obvious that she had been auto tuned, and it hurt the ears. She also had to cut notes short because she couldn't sustain them. Other than the singing, I really liked Watson as Belle. She fit the role. 

-    I didn't like Beast's face. It was too CG. When Beast turns back into a man, it wasn't horrible. I was really happy that he looked better as a man. Thank the maker for Dan Stevens not have a horrible nose, chin, and huge eyebrows. It is my only complaint about the animated film. Every time that animated dude turns around, I yell, "Change him back!" Not the case here! Thank you! 

-    In the trailers, I wasn't sure about Lumiere, Cogsworth, and Mrs. Potts, but in the end, I really liked them. The bantering between Lumiere and Cogsworth made me laugh.

-    I liked what they did with the Maurice and Lefou characters. Their roles adapted into something more. Maurice was a more prominent character, and they showed his love and protectiveness over Belle. It was sweet to see a loving father figure. This version of Lefou had a bit more backbone, and I loved that. As for the "gay" moment in the movie. It was totally a publicity stunt, and I'm not even sure you could call it a gay moment. 

-    Overall, it was good. I wouldn't buy it or anything, but it was better than I was expecting.


  1. I really don't have much of a desire to see this one either but probably will. I love going to movies alone. It's a bit awkward at first but you get over it.

  2. I am planning to see this one in theatres with a group of people. One of the people is in Florida at the moment, though. We are hoping it will still be here when she gets back!

  3. I admit that I loved this one. But then I didn't have this huge love of the animated version like so many (it's been YEARS since I've seen it). Still, I'm glad you mostly enjoyed it overall! And yes, Lumiere and Cogsworth played off each other so very well. They made me smile a lot. :)