Monday, October 30, 2017

The Dragon Queen

25786960From Goodreads:    When a human girl enters a portal into the land of the elves, she's in for a journey full of action, magic, and friendship!The chapter books in this series will have foil on the cover and offer enchanting adventures in a lush new world.

My Thoughts:

-    Gnome loves the Lego Elves sets, and she wants all the dragons. She and I both enjoy these Lego Elves books. 

-    I liked the first book better. I think the story was plotted out better in Quest for the Keys, but this story was still fun. 

-    It was fun to read about some of the Lego sets Gnome owns, and it was fun learning the names of the dragons. I didn't know they had names.

-    There is a little humor in the book, and I didn't find all of it amusing, but I always liked when Faran was teased. 

-    If your child likes fun adventures, these books are for you.

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