Monday, March 19, 2018


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My Thoughts:

-    In the book, I imagined Auggie's face looking much worse than it did in the movie. I suppose they didn't want to scare kids too much though.

-    I liked the cast. Everyone was good. Jack and Auggie were SO cute!

-    I liked that Via's boyfriend got a HUGE upgrade. He was kinda dumb in the book, and I like the movie boy better.

-    I thought this was a really great adaptation of the book. The book is more powerful, and I liked it better, but the movie was really good. It captured the essence of the story and the same feelings. 

-    I love that this story is for anyone and everyone. The message is a timeless one.


  1. I liked both movie and book. The kid that played Jack was so stinking cute!!!

  2. I'm glad you liked the movie. I don't think they could make his face that much worse because of prosthetics. It would be hard to make it not look fake especially with an existing face underneath.