Monday, June 6, 2022

The Liz Taylor Ring

Author:  Brenda Janowitz

Publisher:  Graydon House

Date Published:  February 1, 2022

Genre:  Adult Fiction, Contemporary

Rating:  ⭐

My Thoughts:

-    Lizzie and Ritchie have a romance for the ages, much like Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, but Ritchie's gambling problem causes trouble in paradise. After a 9 month separation, Ritchie gives Lizzie a big-a diamond ring. It is similar to the one that Burton gifted to Taylor. Flash forward a couple decades and the children of Lizzie and Ritchie all have different stories about what happened to the ring, so no one knows what to think when the ring suddenly shows up again. 

-    The story starts out great. I was highly invested in the family and the mystery, but I slowly lost interest. Towards the end, I felt like circumstances and happenings were convenient and unimaginative. 

-    I loved all the Elizabeth Taylor references, and I loved Lizzie and Ritchie's relationship. 

-    The book made me want to watch all the Elizabeth Taylor movies.

My Thoughts in a GIF:


  1. It's got a fun premise with the Liz Taylor connections. I'm sorry it fizzled at the end.

  2. I read this too, and enjoyed it a bit more than you did. And I wanted to watch a bunch of Elizabeth Taylor movies too.

  3. I wonder if I'd like it. It's on my TBR. Sorry it fizzled for you. :/