Tuesday, November 1, 2022

October Stats

Books Read:  15

Pages Read:  4,703

1 Star:  0
2 Stars:  1
3 Stars:  3
4 Stars:  11
5 Stars:  0

Favorite Book of the Month:
The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein by Kiersten White

As you can see, just because I haven't been blogging doesn't mean I haven't been reading. I did have a reading slump during summer, but I read a few things. October rekindled my need for stories. It is probably because I was in the mood to read spooky books.

I have missed blogging a little bit. I certainly enjoy the community. I don't know what I want to do with my blog right now, but I might post a few things here and there. 

Goal Progress:

Goodreads Challenge - I am 16 books behind schedule. 😓 I think I can catch up.(88/125)

Newbery Award Winners - I managed to read one for October. I haven't given up on my goal. (36/101)

Re-Read Books - Nope! (14/20)

Book Club Books - I didn't read the book club book this month because it was one I read a while ago, and I didn't want to re-read it. I've done really well reading my book club books this year. I'm proud of myself. I have to read the next two to hit my goal. (8/10)

I hope you had a successful reading month.
Happy reading!


  1. I like spooky reads this time of year too! I thought The woman in the Window was pretty good.

    1. Ya, it was really good. I liked the movie as well.

  2. You had a terrific month of reading. I love the covers for the spooky books.

  3. I have missed seeing you around the blogosphere! Glad you seem to be out of your reading slump. I have no idea how many books I read in October, I need to do my monthly wrap up but trying to catch up on a few things.

  4. Hi, Kami! Glad to see your post. What did you think of The Woman in the Window?

    1. I really liked it. It was thrilling, spooky, and I didn't know what to believe.

  5. I've been reading like crazy, as I always do, but I've hardly been reviewing at all. Oh well. I'll get back to it when I feel like it. Ha ha.

    I enjoyed THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW. Definitely a page-turner!

    1. I feel the same about reviews. Sometimes I just don't have a lot to say about something, and sometimes I just don't want to write all my feelings down. I dunno. We'll see what I do.