Saturday, January 7, 2023

Bout of Books Progress - Day 5

Bout of Books 

Day 5
Jan 6

Books Read:  2

Pages Read:  250
Hours Read:  2 hrs 37 min

Total Books Read:  4

Total Pages Read:  1,024
Total Hours Read:  15 hrs 16 min

Instagram Challenge: Favorite Feel Good

My Thoughts:  Yes! I was able to finish two books yesterday. I loved both of them. I started The Battle of Hackam Heath as well. It is the sequel to The Tournament of Gorlan. If I finish, I'll have completed all the books I planned for the read-a-thon, which will be a first for me.


  1. I love all of Debbie Tung's books! They're so relatable! You should also check out Catana Chetwynd!

  2. Isn't Book Love so fun? I love that one.

  3. Wow, Well done! You're doing great on the challenge.

  4. The Ranger Apprentice books look fun.

  5. Love Book Love!!! Planning on reading it again this year!