Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Raven and Beast Boy

Title:  Teen Titans: Raven and Teen Titans: Beast Boy

Author:  Kami Garcia

Illustrator:  Gabriel Picolo

Series:  Teen Titans

Publisher:  DC Ink

Date Published:  July 2, 2019 and September 1, 2020

Genre:  Graphic Novel, Young Adult, DC Comics

Rating:  ⭐

My Thoughts:

-  I love the early 2000s Teen Titans show. I used to watch it with my sister, and later my daughter got really into it. We own all the seasons and watch them, so I was really excited when I saw these graphic novels.

-  The author and illustrator are re-imagining the Teen Titan characters and giving them new origin stories. Raven's was really interesting because she doesn't know who she is or what her powers are. It was a shock when she finds out who her dad is. Beast Boy slowly discovers his powers, but he isn't fully in control. I like how both characters are just trying to live normal teenage lives. Their stories reminded me of the Ms. Marvel show.

-  I enjoyed these enough to continue the series. I don't know how many there will be, but the fourth one is coming out this year, and it is about Robin. 

-  The illustrations were great. I felt like I was reading a comic book. I think the character designs were spot on. I wonder if Beast Boy will turn green eventually.

-  Even though, this is different from what I'm used to. I'm enjoying the new take on some old friends. I feel like there is enough nostalgia, but it is still unique and interesting.

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  1. I have not read any graphic novels. These sound good. I never watched the Teen Titans show.

    1. Really!? You should try it. They are fun! There are SO many good ones out there.