Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Brandon Sanderson

On Monday, I had the pleasure of seeing Brandon Sanderson at the Provo City Library! It was a fun event!

Here is Gene getting the evening started.

Here is the man himself!

I decided to ask a question cause I was really curious about the answer. Suey from It's All About the Books caught it all on video!

I really liked his answer, especially the last bit.

I always thought Brandon Sanderson was a giant nerd, but he was actually really fun to see!

I should read his books!


  1. I totally forgot about this! I love how the library goes all out decorating for these author events.
    Loved your question, too. :) I've never read any of his books because they're so giant (and fantasy...) but I guess that explains how he ends up with so many big books so fast.

  2. He is fantastic. I read the Mistborn series not too long ago and just finished Elantris. I'm working on The Way of Kings and will probably blow through the rest of his books this year. I don't know which of his books you've read, but I think you'd really like them, Kami. They all have a lot of depth and fanastic surprises. I wish I had known he would be doing an event. I'd love to meet him. Definitely my favorite author.