Thursday, March 8, 2018

Bad Kitty

Bad Kitty Gets a Bath Happy Birthday, Bad Kitty
Bad Kitty vs Uncle Murray: The Uproar at the Front Door Bad Kitty Meets the Baby

My Thoughts:

-    When Gnome and I started reading these, I thought they were hilarious. I didn't think Kitty was bad, he was just a normal cat who didn't like water.

-    After the second book, I still thought Kitty wasn't bad, he just had spazzy moments like any other cat.

-    After the third book, I thought Kitty was an extra spazzy cat.

-    After the fourth book, I decided Kitty was jerk. 

-    These books are fun for a couple of books, but I got tired of the spaz. Gnome still loves them though, so she decided to start reading them on her own. She read the fifth book in one sitting.

-    I liked Kitty's cat friends, they were unique and fun, and I really like weird cat. Each of Kitty's friends has more characteristics than Kitty. 

-    I would like books from Puppy's perspective.


  1. I love the Bad Kitty books. My son adores them. We have a black cat who acts very similar to Bad Kitty so the books take on special meaning for us! The picture books are really fun. The Christmas one and the Bad Puppy ones are our faves.

  2. We really like Bad Kitty books, mostly because we have a black cat. I agree with you that they are best in small doses, we enjoyed the one where Bad Kitty runs for president.

  3. I think these books are probably a fairly accurate depiction of cats. They are incredible jerks! I love them but yeah.

  4. Cats are jerks. Most of them, anyway. They are spazzes too. But, I love them. I don't know why since they are jerks. They can be sweet too when they want to be.