Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday: Book Quotes

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Top Ten Favorite Book Quotes

I'm going to use quotes from books and quotes about books.

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"I go to my fathers, in whose might company, I shall not not now feel ashamed." King Theoden says this in the movie and the book, and it is my most favorite quote!

Poison Study (Study, #1)
"Everyone makes choices in life. Some bad, some good. It's called living, and if you want to bow out, then go right ahead. But don't do it halfway. Don't linger in whiner's limbo."

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Top 35 Famous Book Quotes #Book #Quotes

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  1. Love the Book Theif quote and the Winnie the Pooh one too.

  2. I really like the one about 'fairytales.' I have seen this quote a few times today and it is attributed to neil gaiman in coraline, so I guess he used this quote in this book?

    that anne of green gables quote is good too.

    have a lovely day.

  3. Love your quotes and the images you used to showcase them. :)

  4. Anne of Green Gables is my fave here!

  5. Great quotes! I love how you presented them too.