Monday, April 9, 2012

Ramona and Her Father

Ramona and Her Father

Goodreads Description:  Lately Ramon had the terrible feeling that she was the only happy member of the Quimby family. Since her father lost his job, he seemed too worried to love her anymore. Ramona's mother and big sister Beezus had become awfully busy and and grouchy. Even Picky-picky, the family cat, was grumpy. He didn't like her new cheaper food and had eaten the Quimby's Halloween jack-o'-lantern instead. 

Ramona tried everything she could to make things better. With Beezus's help she launched a campaign to stop her father from smoking so much, but he didn't seem to appreciate it. Ramona also tried to act adorable, like kids in TV commercials. Mr. Quimby said the boy who sang the Whopperburger jingle made a million dollars year! Ramona wanted to make a million dollars, too, because then her father would surely be fun again.

My Thoughts:

-    I have never really been interested in the Ramona books, but I was surprised at how cute and humorous it was.

-    It was cute how Ramona wants to help her family make money.  I'm sure a lot of families are going through what Ramona's family is right now.  

-    I'm sure their family could save a lot of money if Dad quit smoking.  I'm glad the author addressed this problem.

-    I laughed at some of the illustrations!  I like how they added to the story.

-    This would be a great book for young readers! 

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