Monday, November 18, 2013

Ender's Game

My Thoughts:

-    The movie was a really condensed version of the story, but they fit a lot of the highlights in. Overall, I think the movie was a really good interpretation of the book.

-    I loved seeing the battles come to life on the big screen. The battle room was almost exactly how I pictured it, but bigger. 

-    The cast was perfect! I loved seeing all the characters, especially Ender's squadron. All those young actors did fantastic. Harrison Ford was SO good as General Graff. 

-    I saw this with my parents, and they were so intrigued that they want to read the book now, and I think that is a huge success for the movie. 

-    It bugged me that they didn't call the enemy Buggers. 

-    The movie focuses all on Ender, and it there isn't any of the political stuff with Valentine and Peter. I kinda liked that they left all the stuff out. 

-    I'm hoping for an Ender's Shadow movie now, cause Bean is such an amazing character and his story is WAY more intriguing.

-    I still like the book better, but the movie was pretty good. I recommend seeing it!

Hubby's Thoughts:

-    I liked it overall. I thought they did a goo job putting a complex book into a condensed movie. 


  1. That’s the best compliment for a book to movie adaption - they want to read the books now! I agree - even though they condensed the story, they got all the important parts in.

  2. Yes, yes, and yes. I thought the casting was fabulous. I was a little nervous b/c it's one of my favorite books, but I think they did a good job keeping the pace. I'm hoping for Ender's Shadow, too!