Thursday, March 19, 2015

Getting to Know You: Composers

This feature is hosted by Jenni! Each week she'll prompt us to list stuff we love. 
This week's prompt is:

Favorite Composers

#1 Most Favorite Composer

I LOVE Danny Elfman! I will purchase any movie soundtrack that has his name on it.
It is no secret that I'm a Tim Burton fan, and I just love that Danny Elfman always does the music for his movies. It was a match made in heaven. I also love that Danny Elfman wrote the Batman theme! Oh ya!

#2 Most Favorite Composer

Joe Hisaishi is the composer for most of Hayoa Miyazaki's films. I love the music in these movies. The music is so beautiful and fun. If you haven't seen a Miyazaki movie yet, you are missing out! It is my dream to get my band to play a Joe Hisaishi piece.

#3 Most Favorite Composer

My band geek side is about to show. Gustav Holst wrote some of my favorite band pieces EVER! I love 2nd Suite in F. It SO SO fun to play! I also love his 1st Suite.

#4 Most Favorite Composer

George Gershwin is AMAZING!! Someday I'm going to be able to play Rhapsody & Blue.

The rest are in no particular order:

Hans Zimmer cause he is awesome!

Who doesn't like John Williams? If you like movies, you like John Williams.

Frank Ticheli writes some really amazing things for band as well.

Howard Shore because LORD OF THE RINGS!


  1. Fun list! I love Danny Elfman and John Williams too!

  2. Yesss... Joe Hisaishi. Another great Japanese composer is the man who does all the Final Fantasy soundtracks - Nobuo Uematsu. As well as the female composer, Yoko Kanno. Danny Elfman - Hans Zimmer - John Williams, all epic movie composers. I just finished binge-watching Game of Thrones, and the music composer for that show is pretty brilliant - Ramin Djawadi. This is an awesome appreciation post. I love soundtrack scores.

    1. I love Nobuo Uematsu! I forgot about him. We own a lot of the FF soundtracks.

  3. I love that you didn't just list movie composers. Since I mostly listen to movie scores, I don't often think about other composers. I do love Beethoven, though. :)

  4. I need to become more familiar with Danny Elfman I guess. And who knew George Gershwin was so cute! :) I just posted my list. Lots of links to music. Go listen!