Saturday, August 20, 2016

Star Wars Annual #1 and Star Wars #16 - #20

28153562Goodreads Says:    Galactic espionage hits the Empire—hard! Haarkon Dak has been undercover in the Imperial bureaucracy for years ...but now, he’s the only chance to save Rebel sympathetic senators!

My Thoughts:

-    The artwork is fantastic! The emperor is really creepy looking,

-    The MC constantly talking to himself is a little weird. It's like the whole comic is a giant monologue.

-    I like how this issue shows just how twisted and evil Emperor Palpatine really is, and how he manipulated the people to follow him.

29201290From Goodreads:    REBEL JAIL starts now! The Rebels travel to a prison base having taken an important captive in Vader Down. Unfortunately, they aren't the only ones with their eyes on the prisoners. The adventures of Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Alliance continue!

My Thoughts:

-    Aphra has be moved over to the Star Wars series. This should be interesting!

-    The artwork is good, but I don't like it as much as the previous issues. It is kinda dark, and there are a lot of shadows on faces.

29604364Goodreads Says:    Han takes Luke out to fly the Falcon with him! Meanwhile...Leia and a few of her "friends" have troubles of their own. The rebel prison base is under siege!

My Thoughts:

-    Luke looks like a girl on the cover :(

-    Sana is like a female Han Solo.

-    We are in the middle of a war, and Han has time to gamble and do some smuggling on the side. Ha!

-    I don't like the new artwork. It is weird.

30041862From Goodreads:    With the Rebel base completely overtaken, our only hope is...Leia...Sana...and Aphra?! Can they save the Imperial prisoners? Do they want to?

My Thoughts:

-    I love how Luke gets Han to let him drive the Falcon for a little bit. Ha! Han is a bad back seat driver!

-    I like how Leia is very strong kick butt leader in this volume. She doesn't mess around. She just gets the job done. 

-    I really want to know who is in the weird suit, and how did they get on the base?

-    This was a fun issue. I liked it a lot, but I'm still not happy with the art style.

30288456From Goodreads:    Will Leia be able to save a prison full of Imperial forces? Or will the mastermind of the takeover strike back against the Empire? Find out as "Rebel Jail" concludes!

My Thoughts:

-    Despite not liking the new art style, I really like the cover for this one.

-    I don't know when they started or who decided to start putting ads in comics, but I actually kinda like them. The stuff they advertise is interesting, and they've really nailed the target audience. The ads are pretty fun to view.

-    Holy Schnikes! I'm glad I read the Annual comic! Whoa!

-    I'm glad this is last Rebel Jail issue. It was fun, but I'm really tired of the artwork. I hope they change it in the next issue.

-    I felt like the feminist movement got it's paws on these last few comics. It was all about girl power and saving the boys. I'm all for equality, but I don't like feminism shoved in my face. I also don't like when men are turned into bumbling idiots. Can't we all be kick butt intelligent heroes?

30625669Goodreads Says:    Another dive into the journal of Obi-Wan Kenobi! Jabba has hired bounty hunter Black Krrsantan to find out who's been thwarting his men! The old hermit of the dune wastes might know something about that.

My Thoughts:

-    Hooray for another Obi-Wan Kenobi issue!

-    When I saw the name Mayhew on the cover along with a big scary wookie, I got all excited, but alas, it isn't Peter Mayhew. It is Mike Mayhew the illustrator, but he is an amazing illustrator! The artwork is AMAZING! It looks very realistic. 

-    I like how Luke, Aunt Beru, and Uncle Owen are all wearing the same clothes they have in A New Hope, but the characters are younger. They must really like their clothes to make several of them in different sizes.

-    I really liked seeing Luke as a boy, and Obi Wan watching out for his family. I hope there are more of these in the future. They are really fun to read.


  1. I need to catch up. I still have only read 1-4. I also need to read the 4-part series from last year before Force Awakens AND the Force Awakens ones, lol.

  2. All I have to say is, yes, Luke totally looks like a girl on that cover.