Friday, September 30, 2016

Fan Art Friday: Alan Rickman

In keeping with the tributes to actors who have passed on recently, 
I want to spotlight Alan Rickman today. 
He was truly talented, and his voice was so iconic. He wasn't dashing in the traditional sense, but the way he spoke and carried himself made him attractive and charming in his own way.

I was so happy to find SO many pictures of Alan. He had a lot of fans! I hope you enjoyed them.

The last two are my favorite. I like the colors and ethereal feel of the first one, and I just LOVE the scene of Snape and his patronus. I read the books before the movies came out, so I have my own vision of what the characters look like, but Snape will always be Alan Rickman to me.

Which is your favorite?
What was your favorite Alan Rickman character?

If you'd like to see more from a particular artist, or if you want to see the picture larger, click on them. They are all linked to the source.

If you have any requests for Fan Art Friday, please let me know!


  1. He did have such an iconic voice. These are all wonderful portraits; I don’t think I could pick a favorite. :)

  2. So many great pieces here! And, he had so many iconic roles.

  3. Man, there are some amazing artists out there! I recognize a few of his characters, but several I don't. Still, the man was a great actor for sure! And he is missed.