Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The Holiday Calendar

Kat Graham and Quincy Brown in The Holiday Calendar (2018)

My Thoughts:

-    This movie had potential, and that is what made it frustrating. It could have been SO much better than it was.

-    The movie started out good, and I loved the idea behind the story, but then . . . nothing.

-    About halfway through the movie, the story loses momentum, and nothing happens until the end.

-    I needed more reasons to not like Ty. He was a good guy, and all Abby got was second hand stories about him. Were those stories true? I don't know. She didn't see the relationship through long enough to find out! I actually liked Ty. Josh was good too I guess.

-    The calendar took a backseat to the movie about halfway through. It is the title of the movie!! You can't just ignore the calendar!

-    Yes, I watched this because the grandpa from This is Us was in it.

-    The movie could have been shorter, but maybe not because they could have added more meaningful moments in there. 

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