Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Risky Chance

Risky Chance (Horse Diaries, #7)From Goodreads   For all lovers of horses and history, it's the next book in the popular Horse Diaries series. Born in California at the start of the Great Depression, Risky Chance is a gray thoroughbred who was born to race. Life at the track and being spoiled by his jockey's young daughter, Marie, is all Chance could ask for. He loves nothing more than running fast and winning. But after an accident, Chance discovers a side of horse racing that has little to do with glory.

Like Black Beauty, this moving novel is told in first person from the horse's own point of view and includes an appendix full of photos and facts about thoroughbreds, horse racing, and the Great Depression.

My Thoughts:

-    Yes, I'm still reading these! Gnome is ahead of me by about 4 books. I don't know if I'm going to make it. 

-    This was another cute cute story full of heart! I liked it a lot. 

-    I wish every racehorse had happy ending like Chance's. I wish every owner was kind and took good care of their animals. I'm grateful for all the ones who do!

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