Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Pioneer Book Reading Challenge

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One of my local independent book stores is doing a reading challenge this year. My friends and I are participating, and I'm really excited to talk about the books we check off our challenge.

2019 Reading Challenge:

First book in a series
Man Booker Prize Winner or Nominee
Book by a Female Author
Book Recommended by a Friend or Family
Newbery Award Winner or Honor
Pioneer Book Employee Pick
Book by an African-American Author
Book from the Self-Help Section
Book by an Author You've Never Heard Of
Oprah's Book Club Selection
Publisher's Weekly Bestseller from 1960s
Book by a Nobel Prize Winning Author
Book with a Red Cover
Play or Screenplay
Book from the Poetry Section
Collection of Short Stories
National Book Award Winner or Nominee
Book from the Nature/Ecology Section
Book from the New Arrivals Display
Book You've Never Heard Of
Book Set in or Written About Your Home State
Publisher's Weekly Bestseller from the 1970s
Pioneer Book Customer Pick
Pulitzer Prize Winner or Nominee
Book from the Biography Section
Book by an Author Born Over 100 Years Ago
Book from the US History Section
Book from the Sports Section
Book with a Strong Female Lead
Book Published the Year You Were Born
Book Involving the Ocean
Nonfiction Book You Probably Disagree With
Publisher's Weekly Bestseller from the 1980s
Book Translated to English
Hugo or Nebula Winner or Nominee
Book from the Westerns Section
Book from the True Crime Section
Christmas or Holiday Book
History of a Foreign Country
Book with 500+ Pages
Book from the Science Section
Book from the Bestsellers Display
Book Set in or Written about Utah
Publisher's Weekly Bestseller from the 1990s

Some of these are going to be real challenge to read. If you notice, they want the people doing the challenge to come into the store a lot. They probably want us to buy all these books, but I'm just going to get books from the library.

If you complete the challenge, you get a $50 gift card to the store.


  1. I'm glad you put this on your blog. It was a challenge to type out, huh?

  2. That's quite the challenge! Good luck. I hope you get your $50! :)

  3. Just to clarify... we do not require that you purchase all (or any) of the books that you read for the challenge from the store. However(!), your support via purchases is what allows us to do the challenge and to offer a prize. Thanks for being a customer.