Friday, September 13, 2019


I'm a gamer. I love video games. I have a lot of fond memories of playing them with my family, my husband, and now I play them with my kids. Well, I haven't played for a while because I can only juggle so many things at once, and my down time was consumed with reading and knitting/crocheting. Lately, I have been playing a ton, and my reading and knitting are suffering for it. It is all because of Arlo.
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My husband discovered Arlo's YouTube channel a while ago, and he will talk about him occasionally, but I never really watched Arlo myself, until now! One day, not so long ago, I decided to watch Arlo's review of a game I was interested in, and now I am SO hooked. I love Arlo. I watch Arlo videos every day now, and I want to talk about him all the time. I have to admit, I'm even a bit Arlo brainwashed. If Arlo likes it, I want to play it. If Arlo tells me to get on Twitter and tweet about remastering Thousand Year Door, I will go and do! 

Why do I love Arlo so much?

-  I feel like we are kindred spirits. He loves animals and Pikmin, and he is blue.

-  He is an all around nice guy. 

-  He isn't another game reviewer who just swears and rants about video games, just to swear and rant about video games. 

-  Arlo always finds good things to say about something, and when he has a criticism, he always mentions how it could be better. 

-  He is happy just stating his opinion and hearing about other's opinions. He doesn't think his opinion is law or truth or a commandment, it is just his opinion.

-  When he doesn't like something, he can usually see how someone else might like it.

-  He randomly breaks out into song!!! I love this!

-  He is clever and funny. 

-  He knows who is audience is, and he caters to that. 

-  He tells me how awesome, fantastic, and beautiful I am and sends me his love every day.

-  He does his research, is very knowledgeable, and has a passion for what he does, and that passion is contagious. 

If you love video games, and if you love Nintendo, please go check out Arlo. He is awesome! I just love him!

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