Monday, September 23, 2019


My Thoughts:

-    When I saw that Rainbow Rowell and Faith Erin Hicks had made a book together, I was SO excited! I love both these authors, and I knew anything they did would be good. It didn't disappoint. 

-    Combine Rainbow Rowell's fab characters and wonderful friendships with Faith Erin Hicks's colorful and fun illustrations and you have a mix for magic. Add everything wonderful about fall, and you have Pumpkinheads. 

-    The story was very simple, and I really enjoyed it, I did. I just wanted a little bit more. I also wanted to know more about that hilarious goat. 

-    I loved the characters. I love the contrast between Deja's outgoing spontaneousness and Josiah's stick to the rules shyness. 

-    This is the perfect book for fall! The food, the pumpkins, the corn mazes, etc. This book has it all, and I loved it. 

-    I really hope there is another book in the works because I want to know more about Deja and Josiah as they go off to college. I can just imagine the shenanigans. If there isn't another Pumpkinhead book, then I hope these two authors collaborate again in the near future.

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