Monday, September 16, 2019


My Overall Thoughts:

-    I played, nay, conquered Pikmin 2 and 3. I've played them both several times through, but I've never picked up the very first Pikmin game. After watching Arlo play through, I had a major itch to play Pikmin. Luckily our friend had a copy, and I was able to play. 

-    You can tell it is an older game, but it holds up alright.

My Thoughts on Game Play:

-    The story is fun, and Pikmin 2 picks up the story perfectly. Olimar crashes on a planet, and he needs to repair his ship by collecting all his ship parts. The catch is you only have 30 days to collect all the parts. Some of these parts aren't necessary, but it isn't hard to collect all 30. 

-    At first I thought the 30 days would be hard to beat, but it wasn't. I was playing pretty casually, and I was able to collect 1-3 parts a day. I had plenty of days left over when I finished.

-  There are no extra pikmin in this one. There are just the standard red, yellow, and blue pikmin. I loved how quickly I was able to collect all three. 

My Thoughts on Control:

-    I will admit that I didn't pick up the first Pikmin game because I was afraid the controls weren't going to be as good as 2 and 3. It wasn't too bad. The pikmin were a little dumber, but it was okay. For instance, when you throw a pikmin on a pellet, it doesn't automatically take the pellet back to the onion, you have to throw another pikmin to pick it up. Also, when going over a bridge, some of the pikmin fall off the sides. The pikmin controls just weren't as intuitive as 2 and 3. After I got used to it though, it was fine. I was still able to thoroughly enjoy the game.

-    It was fun picking up that gamecube controller again. I loved it! It is my favorite Nintendo controller. I was so excited to have that c-stick again! Being able to move my little army around me and run them into things with the c-stick was pure joy.

-    Sometimes the camera was in an awkward position and it took me a few tries to get it where I wanted, but for the most part, the camera controls were great.

My Thoughts on Graphics:

-    The graphics are older, but I think they still look great. Pikmin has great environments and characters. If they ever remaster this for Nintendo Switch, it wouldn't take much. They would need to up the graphics to HD and fix some of the lighting. I know that is a big job, and it will take a while, but I don't think anything would need to be re-rendered or re-created. I would LOVE for Pikmin 1 and 2 to be remastered!!! 

My Thoughts on Sound:

-    The music was good ole Pikmin music. It is very soothing and fun. I enjoyed it. I think the music is broken in places though. Sometimes when I was just walking around, the boss/baddie music would just start playing, and I'd look around, but nothing was there. It weirded me out.

-    The Pikmin don't sing as they walk like they do in Pikmin 2. I missed that.

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