Saturday, September 8, 2012

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

My Thoughts:

-    Complete 80's AWESOMENESS!!!!!  I love this movie! It was one of my favorites as a kid.  SO EPIC!!

-    I think Splinter chucks a Book of Mormon at Michelangelo while he is ordering pizza.  Check it out!  It is about the right size, and has a blue cover.

-    Those turtle costumes were pretty awesome for back in the day...they are pretty awesome for now too.  I'm impressed!

-    The action is so fun to watch!  Turtle Justice!

-    I still get a bunch of laughs out of this movie even thought I've seen it a thousand times.  One of my favorite lines is, "Ninja kick the damn rabbit!"  Cracks me up every time!

-    I love how so many people are wearing sweat pants, especially Casey Jones.

-    This movie is SO quotable!  I love quoting this movie!  My brothers and I often do.  

-    Dear April, we all want to dream of Harrison Ford!

-    I like the turtle rap during the credits.  It makes me want to dance.

-    I can't believe Splinter is voiced by the same guy who does Elmo!!  So wrong on so many levels!

Tyson's Thoughts:

-    The movie was edgy and tubular!

-    Too bad April was such a plane Jane, very disappointing!

-    This was a good movie!

Hubby's Thought:

-    I'm good, I don't need a comment.


  1. I loved the TV cartoon of this one back in the day, but I never did see the movie. Love your thoughts. :)

  2. Ha! LOVE the Turtles. And my husband came complete with the movies and even some of the cartoons. It was meant to be. And there's going to be a new Turtle movie, dealing with space. Should be interesting.