Friday, January 8, 2016

Fan Art Friday: Sherlock

So far I have restricted my Fan Art Fridays to books, but I'd like to branch out and include other things I love! So, this week, I want to show off the art and talent of fans of the amazing Sherlock series! SHERLOCKIANS FOR THE WIN!!

Amazing right!?

I am astounded by the talent out there! I wish I could create something so amazing. I honestly can't pick a favorite this week. I LOVE them all for different reasons. The quality and detail of these are just fantastic. I love how much fan art there is for Sherlock. Sadly, I could only include a few in my post.

Which is your favorite?

As usual, the pictures are all linked to the source. You can check out more from these artists by clicking on their artwork.


  1. Don't hit me but I'm not a Sherlock fan. However, these are awesome! People are so talented. That third on from the bottom is beautiful!

    1. We should have a Sherlock night! I won't hit you!

  2. I love Sherlock! These are all great. I especially like the second and the fourth one.

  3. I'm not a Sherlock fan yet either. I still have only watched that one episode. Sigh. I do like a lot of the pictures.

  4. Wow! These are amazing! I haven't watched much of the show, but I've seen a few bits and pieces. Enough to know that if I allowed myself, I'm positive I could get quite fangirly about it. :) I think my favorites are the second drawing of Molly just because it's Molly and I love her, the one with Sherlock and his violin because wow, what talent, and the very last one for the series as a whole.