Friday, February 26, 2016

Fan Art Friday: Little Women


Since we are doing a read along right now for Little Women, I naturally wanted to feature it in a Fan Art Friday! I was surprised with the lack of fan art I found. I thought there would be a ton, but I had to do some digging. I still found some good stuff though.

Fun huh!?

My favorite are the last two. I love that depiction of Jo a lot. It is perfect! I love the last picture cause it is so warm. It is the perfect portrayal of the girls with Marmee. I like that the art is simple, but the picture says so much.

Which is your favorite?

The pictures are linked to where I found them. Some of them came from Google Images, so they are just linked there. The others are linked to their artist.


  1. I like the last two as well. I also like the seventh one. I think that's my favorite one. The depictions of the girls are perfect.

  2. I love the eighth picture from the top. I also like the sketch of Jo and Laurie at the dance. I'm surprised you had to dig for these! Isn't Little Women hugely popular?

  3. I love several of these! But I think I'll agree with you that the last two are my favorites. And wow. There are seriously some amazing artists out there!