Saturday, February 13, 2016

Lindsey Leavitt

On Wednesday, I went to see Lindsey Leavitt with my friends!

Here is Jayne, Tori, and Suey

Me and Jenny

Lindsey was at the Provo Library promoting her new book The Pages Between Us. She did a good job promoting it cause I wasn't going to buy a book that night, but I ended up buy it anyway. I also bought a copy of Sean Griswald's Head! I'm such a sucker!

Erica introduced the author.

Lindsey was really funny and energetic. She knows how to win over a crowd.

Since Lindsey co-wrote the book with Robin Mellom, Lindsey called up Robin and they did most of the presentation together. Lindsey held the mic to her phone so we could hear Robin. She was on a train to LA.

Some things Lindsey and Robin talked about:

-    The book is written notebook style. The two main characters write notes to each other in a notebook.

-    Lindsey and Robin emailed the story back and forth. They each wrote for one of the MCs, and they wrote back and forth like they were writing in the notebook.

-    The whole book took about 4 months to write.

-    The project was supposed to be a secret, but Robin let it slip to her agent.

-    The book got a lot of interest, so it went to auction. They chose to have it published by Harper because Harper was the one that would produce the book the way Lindsey and Robin wanted it.

-    The book is very visual with notes and lists and stuff. Lindsey and Robin are very pleased with how it turned out.

This is Lindsey signing her books with her daughter on her lap. Her daughter broke her arm, and she wasn't feeling good.

Here is our group picture with the author. The person who took our picture didn't zoom in. Grr!

Jayne and Jenny ditched us, but the rest of us kept tradition by going to JCWs for yummy food!

It was a fun night!


  1. It was a fun night! I'll go to JCW's next time. I promise. Is Tori trying to get out of the picture? Lol!

  2. It looks like a fun night, definitely. I've never been to an author event! Every book signing or presentation I want to attend is across the ocean, but I can live vicariously through you :)

  3. Sean Griswold's Head is one of my absolute favorites ever! I would love to have the chance to meet Lindsey. Y'all are ever so lucky! Looks like a great evening. :)