Friday, January 18, 2013


My Thoughts:

-    That movie was pretty trippy.  

-    It was like a James Bond film meets the Matrix.

-    This was probably the best Leonardo DeCRAPrio movie I've seen.

-    I don't understand how they could control the dream?  Who controls their own dreams like that?

-    Also how they heck did they get into one man's dream?

-    The visuals were really cool!

-    That British man, I think he was the "forger".  He was handsome.

-    There were bits of the story that were confusing, but I think they were supposed to be.

-    I thought the side story of Cobb's wife wasn't really needed.  It was interesting, but I don't think it was really needed for the main story.

-    As for all the hype...did I love it? No, but it was good.  

Tyson's Thoughts:

-    The whole movie was just a basset hounds dream.  Cobb's dog was dreaming of the family.

-    My dream would have been filled with Grimace, Kool-Aid man, and Zombies.

Hubby's Thought:

-    Why didn't they conjure up better gear to battle the mind defenders?


  1. I think this is one of the coolest movies ever! And WHAT? You don't like Leo? Gasp. :) My favorite dude in this movie is Cillian Murphy, but I forget which character he plays. They hijack his dream though. Love him! I need to watch it again one of these days...

  2. Ha! You crack me up. Obviously, you don't like Leo. I didn't like him much before, but I really think he's become a great actor. And, the guy you're wondering about is Tom Hardy. He's awesome! I love him. He's in so many great movies and is a great actor!