Monday, January 14, 2013

Kirby's Epic Yarn

My Overall Thoughts:

-    The happiest game on earth!!  You have a grin on your face the whole time you play.  This game is seriously charming, and it is really fun to play.  Whenever you have a bad day, just pop in Kirby and all your problems will disappear.

My Thoughts on Gameplay:

-    The story is read to you by a very soothing male voice, and everything is portrayed in storybook form.  It’s fantastic. 
-    The evil Yin-Yarn dude is turning everything into yarn/fabric.  Kirby gets sucked out of Dreamland into a different world.  This world is falling apart, and Kirby has to help Prince Fluff find the magic yarn. 

-    You get to fight a couple of classic villains as well as the new guy.  

-    You can’t die.  When you fall down a pit or something, you just lose beads.  Beads are collected along the way, and you only have to collect them if you want the Gold Star at the end.  

-    The game is super family friendly, and it is cute as it can be. 
-    Kirby has his own apartment, and you collect furniture in the different levels to put in your apartment.  You also decorate other apartments so friends can move in.  You would never guess it, but it was fun to collect all the furniture.
-    There are several different challenges to play.  They are fun, but they aren’t really important.  The only thing you get from them is fabric to reupholster your furniture.  The challenges include things like Hide-n-Go-Seek, Racing, Collecting a certain amount of beads in a certain amount of time, etc.  

My Thoughts on Controls:

-    You only need to use the Wii Remote, and the controls are really easy to learn and use.  My favorite was the double tap forward that turns you into a cool car that goes “beep beep.” 

-    Instead of sucking things in his mouth, Kirby whips things with a yarn rope.  He can grab things and throw them, and he also can turn into several different vehicle things.  The vehicle things are fantastic!  They are easy to control and super fun to use.  They include surfing, fire truck, tank, space ship, rocket, train, car, monster truck, digger, and a few more.  The train is a little frustrating, but it’s doable.   

My Thoughts on Graphics:

-    The graphics are super cute and pleasing to the eye.  Everything is made of yarn/fabric.  It is so original and fun!!  I think Nintendo should make a lot more yarn games.  I would personally love to see a Mario Bros. yard game.  This is seriously one of the most unique graphic games I’ve ever seen. 

-    Fun Side Note:  When Kirby goes behind a piece of fabric, there is a little bump where he is!!  

My Thoughts on Sound:

-    The music is awesome!!  Every stage has really fun songs to hum along too.  Some of the levels sounded like Ben Folds to me.  They were upbeat and played on a piano.  I seriously loved the background music.
-    The character noises were classic Kirby.  Everything is so happy!  

-    My favorite noise is the car “beep beep.”  

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