Monday, September 8, 2014

A Mother to Embarrass Me

519713Goodreads Says:    Now that Laura is 12 years old, she realizes that everything about her mother is totally embarrassing. Like the way she yodels at the top of her lungs while she works (okay, she calls it singing). And plays really oldmusic so loud the neighbors can hear (can’t she listen to normal music?). And walks around in clay-covered pajamas (yes, she is a sculptor, but still . . . ). 

But things are about to get much, much worse. Laura has noticed that her mother is getting a little bit, well, fat. Then one night over dinner (at a restaurant, since she almost burned down the house trying to cook), her mother announces that she’s going to have a baby. Now all the neighbors, including the gorgeous boy Laura has a crush on, will know her parents have been doing it. Maybe even in the house! There must be some way Laura can change her mother before her own life is completely, utterly ruined!

My Thoughts:

-    I think I'm a little old for this book. I probably would have appreciated it more when I was twelve.

-    Laura is really whiny, and she is SO mean to her mother. I can't believe some of things she says and thinks. I just wanted to smack her!

-    I can see why Laura thought a couple things her mom did were embarrassing. The loud music and the dancing in front of her friends would turn my face red too. 

-    The ending was lame. There wasn't really any conclusion. Laura and her mom didn't reconcile anything. There wasn't really a point to the story.

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