Monday, November 14, 2022

Thanksgiving Book Tag

Are book tags still a thing? I wanted to do one, so with Google's help I found a Thanksgiving themed book tag from Blogging with Dragons. Their blog looks awesome, so I also started following them.

1. Friends and Family: A book with characters that feel like family

The Prydain series has a whole cast of characters that I love, and because I have loved this series since I was a kid, they are like family to me.

2. Fallen Leaves: A book that fell flat (didn't meet expectations)

This book had a lot of buzz, so I suggested it for book club, and I was so disappointed. I think we'll have a good discussion though.

3. Thanksgiving Dinner: A book you want to read every year during this season

I have no idea why, but I always want to read The Book Thief during fall. 

4. Turkey: A book with a bird in it.

I can't remember if there is an actual mockingbird in the book, or if it is just symbolic. Oh well! It is a great book!

5. Ham: A book that made your eyes glaze over (boring)

I will never understand how this book beat Charlotte's Web for the Newbery Award. It was SOOOO slow and boring.

6. Dinner Rolls: A book that melted your heart and made you feel warm

This book not only melts my heart, but it will always have my heart.

7. Mashed Potatoes: A book with a white cover

This was the first white book that I saw when I glanced at my bookshelves. Great series!

8. Gravy: A book you're not sure why you love, but you do

This was hard because I can usually come up with reasons why I love a book, so I chose a book that is hard for me to articulate why I love it. After I finished Smoky, I cried for about half an hour, and I cannot put into words why I was so moved. My family still wonders about this. 

p.s. They were happy tears.

9. Pumpkin Pie: A dessert book that you love

I'm not big on romance books, but I ADORE this book! I also want the cake!

10. Bonus: Black Friday: Top 5 books on your "I want to buy" list

If you would like to participate, consider yourself tagged.

I'm grateful for all my blogging friends!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving season!