Saturday, June 23, 2012

Marry Me

From Back of DVD Case:    Rae Ann Carter always wanted the fairytale where she meets a prince, falls in love and gets married but feared that dream would never come true.  Suddenly, Rae goes from having no man in her life to having three.  Charming Luke, passionate Adam, and sophisticated Harry are all in love with Rae and asking to marry her.  Which man will she choose?  Marry Me is a romantic movie event that will sweep you off your feet.

My Thoughts:

-    This was terrible!  TERRIBLE!!!

-    At first I was like, this is a weird movie, it feels and looks like a TV show.  After a little Internet searching, I found out that it is a 2 episode mini series.  That explained A LOT!

-    There was a lot of fast talking, and it was hard to hear what they were saying sometimes.  The guys weren't too bad, but all the girls talked really fast.

-    Rae acted like a blonde.  She was really fickle, and she made a lot of really really  bad/dumb decisions.  

-    I liked Luke for the first 3/4 of the movie show, but then he turned into a pansy.  In the beginning, he was charming, confident, and he knew what he wanted.  Then he watched The View and lost his manhood.

-    Rae's dog was really cute!

-    Rae's family and a lot of other people gave her really really bad advice.  Her mom and sister were the WORST!

-    The 3 guys were ridiculous!  She should have told the 2 she wasn't going to end up with anyway to get lost!

-    I liked Amy, she was fun and spunky.

-    There were a few moments where my heart melted and I gushed, but it didn't make up for the overall lameness.  

-    There were moments where I wanted to just quit and stop watching, but then I just wanted to see what happens, and I kept going, and there would be a line or a scene that I thought was funny or good, but then it went dumb again. 

-    Overall, I never want to see this again.  Lucy Liu, you have failed me!!

Tyson's Thought:

-    Even Lucy Liu couldn't save this movie. 

Hubby's Thought:

-    Lucy Liu's left eye squints more than her right, and it bugged me.


  1. I am glad I can now have a good reason for not wanting to see this movie!

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