Wednesday, June 13, 2012

No Reservations

My Thoughts:

-    I am not a chick flick person!  However, I now have 3 chick flicks that I really like.  

-    I love movies that involve food.

-    I LOVED Nick.  He was SO charming, but I hated the pants he wore to work...and the crocs.

-    Their 2nd kiss was hot!

-    I admit it...I got teary during a couple parts.  Ever since I had my little gnome, children losing parents or parents losing children really get to me.

-    The acting and actors were great!!  They were perfect for their roles.

-    Zoe stole my heart, and I just ached for her.  

-    Kate is pretty.

-    I really enjoyed this!  If you're a chick, I highly recommend this one!

-    I want to watch it again. 

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