Thursday, July 12, 2012

Charlotte's Web

I didn't even know I shared a birthday with E.B. White until yesterday.  I watched this the other day and wrote a review before I knew!  How about that!  It was fate.  I think I might do an E.B. White giveaway or something.

My Thoughts:

-    I LOVE the old animated Charlotte's Web.  I used to watch it all the time.  This one wasn't as awesome.

-    Sometimes the CG was ok, and other times it was terrible!

-    Watching Charlotte build her web was cool, especially with the awesome music!

-    The music was the best part of the movie.  Danny Elfman is amazing.

-    I hated the crows!!  So dumb!

-    The narrator thing reminded me of Matilda.  

-    I LOVE the characters from the animated one, and I didn't really get attached to these characters.  Templeton, Charlotte, Wilbur, the Goose, etc:  they just weren't as good as the old ones.  

-    How did the people not see Templeton!?!?!?!  He was out in the open A LOT!  How did they not see him in the cotton candy machine!?!?!?!?  EWWW!!

-    Homer's alarm clock was creepy.

-    What a cast line up!!  I know where they spent all the money.

-    This one seemed rushed, and not as heartfelt.  I think I'm just biased cause I loved the animated one so much.  I didn't feel all the warm fuzzy emotions. 

-    How come Fern's love interest (Henry) only had 2 words in the whole movie?  Why was he there?  There really wasn't a point to his character in this.  

-    I wanted to like this, I did, but compared to one of my favorite childhood movies, it wasn't as good.  If you want to watch this story, go watch the animated version.  

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