Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Muppets

My Thoughts:

-    Mickey Rooney cameo was awesome!! I also enjoyed that Jack Black parts.  That was funny!  There were a lot of cameos in this movie.  It was cool.  

-    The songs were only good when the Muppets sang.  I really didn't enjoy the humans singing.  The rap song was especially LAME!  I liked that they did Rainbow Connection though, and I laughed at the Ma Na Ma Na song!  

-    I enjoyed the references to old Muppet shows and movies.  It was fun to see.

-    What the heck was the giant blue thing?  Same with the 2 large purple things?  I have never seen them before.

-    I laughed a lot!  I loved the part where Walter ran out of Kermit's office yelling.  It was hilarious!  There were a lot of laugh out loud moments.

-    This was a better Muppet movie than the last few I've seen.  I think the last really good Muppet movie has been Muppet Treasure Island.  I'm glad they went back to old school stuff.  

-    It was classic Muppet gang stuff, getting together and putting on a show!

-    Overall, it was good.  The humans bugged me, but the Muppets were awesome!  

Tyson's Thought:

-    I liked Mary's dresses, and I will never forget Hobo Joe.

Hubby had no thought.

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  1. I've been trying to convince my husband to watch this. I should just show him your review! It looks so funny. I'm happy you liked it. :)