Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bye Bye 2013

Tonight we will say goodbye to 2013 and welcome in a new year, but before that happens I want to take a look back on my reading stats for 2013.

Total Books Read:    113
Total Pages Read:    33,526
Longest Book:    Les Miserables
Favorites:   (covers are linked)
11178225 15703770
 17929102 119485

As for my reading goals next year, I would love to push myself and go for 150 books, but I'd also like to slow down and do some other activities (cross stitching, video games, etc.) I'm stuck! What do you think my goal should be?

I'm also participating in a couple of Reading Challenges! You can see them on my side bar.

I'd just like to say, THANK YOU! to all my readers and friends. You made this year of blogging awesome! Good luck to you and all your resolutions in 2014!


  1. Awesome job. I think you should read AND do the other things you love. So if you can do both, go for it! :) On to 2014!

    1. I try, but I feel like one or the other gets neglected. I just don't know how to balance. I either want to devour books or devour a video game.

  2. Do you could children's books in that number? If not, you seriously read 113 novels? Sheesh. I wish I could read that much!

    1. I don't count the book I read to gnome. I think number would have been closer to 500 if I did. We read a stack of books every day. You can see which ones I read on Goodreads.

  3. I am utterly amazed that you read so many books! And jealous! Goals-shoals, read and do whatever you want, and what you get done is what you get done. At least that is how I roll, and we see how well it works for me. ;)