Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Level Up

9630403My Synopsis:

-    Dennis Ouyang is intrigued by video games. When the NES comes out, he freaks! 

-    Sadly, Dennis's father thinks  that video games are waste of time and money.

-    Dennis is weighed down by his father's rules and expectations, but when his father passes away, FREEDOM!

-    Dennis becomes an all out gamer! However, his gaming gets in the way of his studies, and Dennis is floundering in school.

-    Some "messengers" come to help Dennis fulfill his destiny (aka the life his father wanted him to have), and Dennis decides to give up his gaming ways.

-    Dennis doesn't hate his new life, but he doesn't love it either. He must choose his own way of life instead of doing what his father would want him to do.

My Thoughts:

-    I LOVE the cover of this book. I often held it like a real Gameboy and pretended to hit the buttons. 

-    The story made me reminisce about the good ole' days of playing Mario and other games. The NES was a good console.

-    For me, the story wasn't really finished. I wanted a little more at the end. 

-    The "angels" were creepy! I would hate to be haunted by those things, but I would appreciate all the help with chores.

-    I like that Dennis makes new friends in med school, and I like that school isn't totally miserable in his new life.

-    The illustrations were fun and really simple. I think it would have been cool if the illustrations had been done to look like 8-bit.

-    Not my favorite graphic novel, but it was fun. A definite must-read for gamers!

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